Flying Ants

At some point, I turned around to see how long I had until the sun set. That’s when I saw them.

The Old Yards

I have passed by these old yards many times over the years and always thought it would make for a great image if the light and sky were just right. […]

Lights and Sirens

Titled ‘Lights and Sirens’, this image is dedicated to all of those people who live and work in the rural areas of our state, and in particular, the many volunteers […]

Weather Event – 6th March 2017

Had another great little chase into the Wheatbelt yesterday. I could see cumulus towers popping up out towards Northam, so I headed to a great spot that I like near Meckering […]

Weather Event – 1st March 2017

It’s been a while since Perth saw any decent thunderstorm activity. But yesterday broke the TS drought. At 2:45 pm, my weather station at home recorded a high temperature of 41.7°C […]