Golden Dreams

Whilst on a road trip through the Great Southern region of Western Australia, I just had to pull over to admire the golden glow of a summer afternoon.

2 Trees

Two sentinels, remnants of a long forgotten time when trees ruled supreme.

Between Memories and Dreams

As the sweet smell of darkness fell over the land and the sound of distant thunder rolled across landscape towards me, I found myself caught in a daze of wonder. […]

Along The Ridge

Golden sunset from the top of the escarpment above Kelmscott, Western Australia

Swan River Morning

On a very cold morning in May, 2015, I went into the city before dawn to try to capture a shot I had in mind. Unfortunately the smoke haze from […]

Edge of The Miraculous

Recent thunderstorms in the wheatbelt meant that some of the many salt lakes that dot the landscape have water in them.